What to Expect

OCCC is a place where people come as they are and everyone is accepted.  When you join us, please know you can relax and participate as much or as little as you like.

Here’s what will happen during the service:

**If you have children/youth please bring them into worship to participate.  When worship is over they will be released (via the screens at the front and rear of the church) to either Sunday School or Youth Group.

***If you have an infant feel free to either leave your baby with one of the most awesome and caring volunteers in the infant room.  There are always other parents in the room that feel more comfortable staying with the babies.  You won’t miss any part of the service as it is streamed into the room and onto a television screen (volume and all).

1. A worship leader will start the worship by saying GOOD MORNING and a prayer.
2. Worship starts; during a certain time in worship, one of our elders will say a prayer, a collection will be taken, and we sing an Offering song.
3. The pastor will come up and talk about what the Bible has to say and relate it to real life scenarios.
4. At the end of the sermon the worship team will lead us in a final song.
5. We gather together for fellowship and refreshment in the fellowship hall and would love to have you join us.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Get caught up or see them again.  Watch video of the sermons here

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