RYAN & NESS:  Ryan and Ness  serve as field leaders for  an international mission movement. Their team is focused on training ministers and planting churches in the least-reached regions.


RODGER, JAN:  Jan Rodger serves as Curriculum Coordinator and Curriculum Editor with Greater Europe Mission’s distance-learning project, eDOT (electronic Discipleship, Outreach and training), and is based at GEM’s International Headquarters in Monument, CO.  The eDOT project is a joint venture involving GEM, Moody Bible Institute, Mission Aviation Fellowship, European Bible schools, and other ministry partners.  It was started in 2000 to address the great need for biblical education on this post-Christian continent and to provide creative outreach and training tools to assist churches throughout Europe and the regions its influences in fulfilling the Great Commission.  Jan previously served with Eastern European Bible Mission in the Netherlands and then Biblical Education by Extension (BEE) International in Vienna, Austria, and the U.S. and has been supported by OCCC since she first left for the mission field in 1983.


WILLIAMS, LARRY & GAIL:  Larry and Gail have worked with Youth for Christ (YFC) since 1977.  They began doing high school ministry in Maple, Wisconsin.  After 7 years in the Local YFC program, they relocated to Liberia West Africa, where Larry served as the West Africa Regional Director from 1985 through 1988.  At the conclusion of their term in West Africa, Larry and Gail were asked to return to the USA to head up YFC’s short-term missions ministry, called Project Serve, which they did from 1989 through 2000, based in Denver, Colorado.  From 2000 through 2009, Larry served as the America Area Director, overseeing the YFC ministry in North and South America as well as the Caribbean.  From 2010 through the present Larry has been serving as the Vice President of Ministries and Field Operations for YFC International and Gail serves on the YFCI Prayer Team and has a ministry of encouragement to women of YFC around the world.  Larry and Gail have two grown children, Jenny and Andrew (Drew), a wonderful son-in-law and daughter-in-law, and 5 grandchildren…all boys!




CORY NICHOLS  of Destiny Rescue – Destiny Rescue is a Christian-based, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.  Each year Destiny Rescue doubles the amount of rescues and is committed to rescue 100,000+ kids by end of year 2020.  After rescue, the work of restoration begins – the work of miracles – where broken, abused children become whole, functioning young adults with all the skills needed to have a great life.  Provide for a child are housing, food, education, nutritional care, medical assistance, clothing and vocation training.

The Destiny Rescue program is three-fold:  Rescue, Restore, Reintegrate.  Many children receive and respond to the Gospel and receive Jesus as their lord and Savior.

Rescuing children around the world – to God be the glory!


MATT & BECKI BEACK of Action International – Serving in the Philippines Matt and Becki are reaching out to former street kids and to kids experiencing great hardships at home.  The majority have been abandoned, abused and neglected; as a result, they have unresolved anger, bitterness, guilt, shame and unforgiveness.

The Beacks joined an Action Ministry called Brand New Day, which reaches out to teenagers.  There are two shelters, one for young men and one for young women.  Bible studies are included with the shelter programs.  Matt has been mentoring the young men, helping them work through some of their unresolved issues, find healing and wholeness in Christ, in efforts to rejoin their families and live in peace with them.

Brand New Day helps youth complete their GED, even if they are not in school.  The shelter has a scholarship program where designated monies are used to purchase school uniforms and supplies, so the kids can attend school, something they couldn’t afford on their own.


BRAD & LAITAN JONES  of Master Plan Ministries – Brad and Laitan have dedicated their lives to full time service with the non-denomination Christian campus outreach ministry called Master Plan Ministries.  Brad left his job at IBM- London in 2011 and was accepted on staff at Master Plan Ministries in the USA.

Both Brad and Laitan are serving as full time Christian missionaries working in a college campus ministry, where a secular world view predominates.  The college students have challenging decision to make, and life changing temptations to avoid.  Through their involvement in Master Plan, Brad and Laitan can really sense God using them to make an impact for His kingdom in the lives of college students and are excited to see what God will do over the next few years as they continue to follow His will for their lives.

Master Plan pursues a campus ministry that uniquely provides evangelism, discipleship and leadership development.  Brad has discovered a passion for teaching the Lord’s word, as well as, preaching the Gospel through evangelism.   Because of his special gifts in computer technology, these skills have been invaluable and employable by Master Plan as well.  Brad and Laitan moved to Denver to work on the Auraria Campus, Colorado’s largest campus with three separate institution of higher learning, all which total over 55,00 students!

Please keep this young family in your prayers for great things to happen in Colorado.



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