Accountability Brothers

Orange Coast Community Church is proud to be one of three churches that have joined the Accountability Brothers network of support.  The purpose of this outreach is to facilitate the success of men reentering from incarceration into the community.  Accountability Brothers does this by working with men’s groups in churches to develop volunteers who will become mentors to reentering men.

The primary focus is on the individual; reaching out to men while they are still incarcerated, without placing limits on who is helped or when to offer help. They do this anticipating release – even if that release is not in view.  The road map of the outreach is based on three key principles as stated in the biblical story of Mark 2 – the story of the four men who carried the paralytic to Christ. The foundational truths expressed in this story are:

  1. Salvation – “Your sins are forgiven”.
  2. Restoration – “Take up your pallet and walk”.
  3. Service – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

In order to begin, an inmate must reach out to us. This is a vital demonstration of his willingness to change.

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